Mary believes we have three main resources:  Our health, our time and our money...

Our money protects our health and our time.


Personalized Investment Portfolios

Your investment portfolio begins with your goals and objectives. We invest your portfolio with consideration for risk tolerance, time horizon, and other specific criteria. Your portfolio is invested for today and managed for the future.

Personalized asset allocation

Through the Envision® planning process all of your financial and personal circumstances are analyzed and a personalized risk-based asset allocation is created.

Mary has over 30 years of financial advisory experience and investment service and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Professional, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor and discretionary PIM Portfolio Manager.

Mary listens to you, your needs, your goals for you and your family and offers her experience to help you with one of your most important resources – your money. In a clear straight forward manner.

Mary relys on her experience, her in-depth expertise and marshals all resources necessary to help achieve your goals.


Mary N. McEachern, PIM Portfolio Manager

Criteria for PIM Portfolio Managers

The criteria for entry into the PIM program are more stringent than most other programs Wells Fargo Advisors offers. The full process to obtain the PIM designation can take 60 days to complete and includes a three-step process.

1) The first step was meeting basic eligibility requirements, which includes a minimun of two years experience as a portfolio manager, five years of industry experience, successful completion of various securities exams, and approval of branch and regional managers.

2) Then Mary completed her application, which included questions covering investment style, strategy, philosophy and research methods.

3) Once approved, Mary completed advanced training, including an ethics exam, proxy exam and an advanced 40-hour portfolio management training course.